Information for clinicians

Skin disorders rank sixth in the non-fatal burden of disease within Australia and fourth world-wide.  This is likely an underestimate, as common conditions such as melanoma and lupus are classified as cancer and musculoskeletal, respectively, and there is under-reporting for milder conditions in patients managed with over-the-counter products.

Despite this burden of disease for skin disorders, local data pertaining to the management, treatment, outcomes and quality of life of this patient group are limited.  Randomised trial data are available, but data are often from small cohorts of patients, without any comorbidities and with limited prior treatment, whereas most real-world patients seen in the clinic have tried other treatments previously, are on concomitant therapy and have other comorbidities.

The Australasian Dermatology Registry will capture real world data enabling monitoring of current and emerging treatment and provides a platform for dermatology research.

What participating involves

Dermatology clinics across Australia and New Zealand are encouraged to participate in the registry.

Recruiting participants attending dermatology clinics for treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa or vitiligo. Participants are recruited through an online portal that allows patients to read the participant information sheet, provide electronic consent and complete demographic, family history, lifestyle and quality of life questionnaires.

Clinics are required to complete disease severity scores eg PASI, EASI and treatment data

Benefits of becoming a participating clinic

How to become involved

If you are interested in your clinic participating in the registry or would like more information, register your interest here.